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Please find and use the information as part of your understanding of what artificially shapes the 'playing field' on which you must provide your services and 'goods'.

Recently reacquainting with a colleague and activist with PhD in Biophysics, who while working on satellite technology and technology related to HAARP, and understanding their effects and purposes by its contractors and users, after which she then quickly crossed into activism to ban this technology's use on mankind, having some hard copy of literature she uses in her activism, I decided to check a website sited as a source in her literature.

Although not lauding the website as manna from heaven, I found its search engine to yield some valuable information on psychotronics, and information to describe and expose where this technology is used as weapons of sorts against mankind grand scale and for targeted use against individuals to achieve other more counterproductive ends. Curious people for expose on nasa should also see

One must also understand the application where grand scale effect of psychotronic hardware on mankind can drive investment markets and create pump/dump bubbles, jury tamper, drive an accommodating mind set in Congress where Congress 'feels' and thinks itself compelled to accept political money, accommodate corporate friendly legislation, vote majority for fraudulent war, or even believe propaganda while proponents of any particular cause fail to produce any particularly compelling evidence. When Carl Rove said something to the effect of rousting the christian right in the last election, it was easy to see where using an issue such as 'same sex marriage' and psychotronics on the voters during election time would produce a greater number of agitated people than if the election were void of psychotronic grand scale use on Americas of voting age, and ignorant of the issues and ignorant of what is manipulating their 'drive' to vote for or against any candidate or issue. Worse than drunken sailors on a mission for licentiousness.

At the present time, 100 year old Tesla technology has been perfected and our government is a major purchaser of this technology produced by major military and 'security' contractors such as Lockheed Martin. Catherine Austin Fitts, a former Dillon Read board member and Assistant Secretary of HUD found the "Black OPs" budget while working in Bush1's administration. will give some insight on where and how expenditures for psychotronics occurs and all off the radar screen into the pockets of the military contractors for one could say 'secret state' interests, notwithstanding, I see no productive use for psychotronic weapons on Americans in an open society requiring for its health and longevity, unmolested reasoning, deliberation, and CRITICAL THINKING on the matters of life, society, and clean, open government rather than their invasion into our privacy while on our wallets and at the cost of our Republic, it/they conducts its business with its cronies behind closed-doors and paints it to us as 'national security'.

I've not only included the website, I likewise have included one of the more valuable and informative articles on the website that describes the use and effects of psychotronic weapons. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

On a final note, keep in mind that Littleton, Colorado represents the site of two organizations: Lockheed Martin and Columbine High school. Given this technology can and is used to create a state of mind where young people would feel so possessed as to buy guns and shoot friends, and selves, and knowing that the military contractors such as Lockheed martin manufacture this technology and perhaps contemptuously think they can experiment with this as if with impunity and an invisible hand given the remote nature the technology possesses, one should 'connect-the-dots' on the problems this technology presents to society.

Andrea Psoras


The Deadly Instruments of the New World Order: Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons - The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain
by Mojmir Babacek

Editors Note: We bring to our readers this carefully documented review article by Mojmir Babajek. While the text deals with a number of complex scientific processes, the implications of these findings are far-reaching. The arsenal of electromagnetic and informational weapons, used to manipulate the human mind of targeted individuals or populations, is an integral part of the weapons system of the New World Order. The US military possesses a sophisticated arsenal of psychotronic weapons which could be used both domestically and internationally.

Electromagnetic and informational Weapons could be used in conventional wars theatres, without the knowledge of the enemy. It is therefore essential that we not only take cognizance of these findings, but we mobilize nationally and internationally against the use of brain manipulating technologies.

Michel Chossudovsky, 5 August 2004
In October 2000, Congressman Denis J. Kucinich introduced in the House of Representatives a bill, which would oblige the American president to engage in negotiations aimed at the ban of space based weapons.

In this bill, the definition of a weapons system included:

"any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person). through the use of land-based, sea- based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations"(15).

As in all legislative acts quoted in this article, the bill pertains to sound, light or electromagnetic stimulation of the human brain.

Psychotronic weapons belong, at least for a layman uninformed of secret military research, in the sphere of science fiction, since so far none of the published scientific experiments has been presented in a meaningful way to World public opinion.

That it is feasible to manipulate human behavior with the use of subliminal, either by sound or visual messages, is now generally known and acknowledged by the scientific community.

This is why in most countries, the use of such technologies, without the consent of the individual concerned, is in theory banned. Needless to say, the use of these technologies is undertaken covertly, without the knowledge or consent of targeted individuals.

Devices using light for the stimulation of the brain constitute another mechanism whereby light flashing under certain frequencies could be used to manipulate the human psychic(psychie?).

As for the use of sound, a device transmitting a beam of sound waves, which can be heard only by persons at whom the beam of sound waves is targeted, has been reported in several news media. In this case, the beam is formed by a combination of sound and ultrasound waves which causes the targeted person to hear the sound inside his head. Such a procedure could affect the mental balance of the targeted individual as well as convince him that he is, so to speak, mentally ill.

This article examines the development of technologies and knowledge pertaining to the functioning of the human brain and the way new methods of manipulation of the human mind are being developed.

Electromagnetic energy
One of the main methods of manipulation is through electromagnetic energy.

In the declassified scientific literature only some 30 experiments have been published supporting this assumption (1),(2). Already in 1974, in the USSR, after successful testing within a military unit in Novosibirsk, the Radioson (Radiosleep) was registered with the Government Committee on Matters of Inventions and Discoveries of the USSR, described as a method of induction of sleep by means of radio waves (3), (4), (5).

In the scientific literature, technical feasibility of inducing sleep in a human being through the use of radio waves is confirmed in a book by an British scientist involved in research on the biological effects of electromagnetism (6). A report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on nonionizing radiation published in 1991 confirms that:

"many of biological effects observed in animals exposed to ELF fields appear to be associated, either directly or indirectly, with the nervous system." (2).

Among the published experiments, there are those where pulsed microwaves have caused the synchronization of isolated neurons with the frequency of pulsing of microwaves. Ffor example, a neuron firing at a frequency of 0.8 Hz was forced in this way to fire the impulses at a frequency of 1 Hz. Moreover, the pulsed microwaves contributed to changing the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain (neurotransmitters are a part of the mechanism which causes the firing of neurons in the brain) and reinforcing or attenuating the effects of drugs delivered into the brain (1).

The experiment where the main brain frequencies registered by EEG were synchronized with the frequency of microwave pulsing (1,2) might explain the function of the Russian installation Radioson. Microwaves pulsed in the sleep frequency would cause the synchronization of the brain's activity with the sleep frequency and in this way produce sleep.

Pulsing of microwaves in frequency predominating in the brain at an awakened state could, by the same procedure, deny sleep to a human being.

A report derived from the testing program of the Microwave Research Department at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research states

"Microwave pulses appear to couple to the central nervous system and produce stimulation similar to electric stimulation unrelated to heat".

In a many times replicated experiment, microwaves pulsed in an exact frequency caused the efflux of calcium ions from the nerve cells (1,2). Calcium plays a key role in the firing of neurons and Ross Adey, member of the first scientific team which published this experiment, publicly expressed his conviction that this effect of electromagnetic radiation would interfere with concentration on complex tasks (7).

Robert Becker, who had share in the discovery of the effect of pulsed fields at the healing of broken bones, published the excerpts from the report from Walter Reed Army Institute testing program. In the first part "prompt debilitation effects" should have been tested (8). Were not those effects based on the experiment by Ross Adey and others with calcium efflux?

British scientist John Evans, working in the same field, wrote that both Ross Adey and Robert Becker lost their positions and research grants and called them "free-thinking exiles" (6). In 1975, in the USA, a military experiment was published where pulsed microwaves produced, in the brain of a human subject, an audio perception of numbers from 1 to 10 (9). Again the possibility to convince an individual that it is mentally ill is obvious. The testing program of American Walter Read Army Institute of Research, where the experiment took place, counts with "prompt auditory stimulation by means of auditory effects" and finally aims at "behavior controlled by stimulation" (8).

Let us assume that the words delivered into the brain were transcribed into ultrasound frequencies. Would not then the subject perceive those same words as his own thoughts?

And would this not imply that that his behavior was being controlled in this way through the transmission of ultrasound frequencies? In this regard, the American Air Force 1982 "Final Report On Biotechnology Research Requirements For Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000" states:

"While initial attention should be toward degradation of human performance through thermal loading and electromagnetic field effects, subsequent work should address the possibilities of directing and interrogating mental functioning, using externally applied fields." (10).

Several scientists have warned that the latest advances in neurophysiology could be used for the manipulation of the human brain.

In June 1995, Michael Persinger, who worked on the American Navy's project of Non-lethal electromagnetic weapons, published a scientific article where he states:

"the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species without mediation through classical sensory modalities by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed. is now marginally feasible" (11). In 1998, the French National Bioethics Committee warned that "neuroscience is being increasingly recognized as posing a potential threat to human rights" (12). In May 1999 the neuroscientists conference, sponsored by the UN, took place in Tokyo. Its final declaration formally acknowledges that :

"Today we have intellectual, physical and financial resources to master the power of the brain itself, and to develop devices to touch the mind and even control or erase consciousness.We wish to profess our hope that such pursuit of knowledge serves peace and welfare" (13).

On the international political scene, in the last few years, the concept of remote control of the human brain has become a matter of international and intergovernmental negotiation. In January 1999, the European Parliament passed a resolution where it called "for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings." (14)

Already in 1997, nine states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) addressed the UN, OBSE and the states of the Interparliamentary Union with the proposal to place at the agenda of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the preparation and adoption of an international convention "On Prevention of Informational Wars and Limitation of Circulation of Informational Weapons" (16), (3).

Informational Weapons
The initiative was originally proposed, in the Russian State Duma, by Vladimir Lopatin (3). V. Lopatin worked, from 1990 to 1995, in sequence, in the standing committees on Security respectively of the Russian Federation, Russian State Duma and of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), specializing in informational security.(3). The concept of informational weapon or informational war is rather unknown to the world general public. In 1999, V. Lopatin, together with Russian scientist Vladimir Tsygankov, published a book "Psychotronic Weapon and the Security of Russia" (3). There we find the explanation of this terminology:

"In the report on the research of the American Physical Society for the year 1993 the conclusion is presented that psychophysical weapon systems.can be used. for the construction of a strategic arm of a new type (informational weapon in informational war)."

Among many references on this subject, we refer to Materials of the Parliament Hearings "Threats and Challenges in the Sphere of Informational Security", Moscow, July 1996, "Informational Weapon as a Threat to the National Security of the Russian Federation" (analytical report of the Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation), Moscow, 1996 and a material "To Whom Will Belong the Conscientious Weapon in the 21st Century", Moscow, 1997. (17).

In 2000 V. Lopatin introduced, after two other authors, the third in order bill on the subject of "Informational and Psychological Security of the Russian Federation". Lopotin's findings were reviewed by the Russian newspaper Segodnya:

".Means of informational-psychological influence are capable not only of harming the health of an individual, but, also of causing, according to Lopatin, 'the blocking of freedom of will of human being on the subliminal level, the loss of the ability of political, cultural and social self identification, the manipulation of societal consciousness, which could lead to the destruction of a sense of collective identify by the Russian people and nation'" (16).

In the book "Psychotronic Weapons and the Security of Russia", the authors propose among the basic principles of the Russian concept of defense against the remote control of the human psyche not only the acknowledgement of its existence, but also the fact that the methods of informational and psychotronic war are fully operational ("and are being used without a formal declaration of war") (18). They also quote the record from the session of the Russian Federation's Federal Council where V. Lopatin stated that psychotronic weapon can

"cause the blocking of the freedom of will of a human being on a subliminal level" or "instillation into the consciousness or subconsciousness of a human being of information which will trigger a faulty or erroneous perception of reality" (19).

In that regard, they proposed the preparation of national legislation as well as the establishment of legal international norms "aimed at the defense of human psyche against subliminal, destructive and informational manipulations" (20).

Moreover, they also propose the declassification of all analytical studies and research on the various technologies. They warned that, because this research has remained classified and removed from the public eye, it has allowed the arms race to proceed unabated. It has thereby contributed to increasing the possibility of psychotronic war.

Among the possible sources of remote influence on human psyche, the authors list the "generators of physical fields" of "known as well as unknown nature" (21). In 1999 the STOA (Scientific and Technological Options Assessment), part of the Directorate General for Research of the European Parliament published the report on Crowd Control Technologies, ordered by them with the OMEGA foundation in Manchester (UK) (22, ).

One of four major subjects of the study pertained to the so-called "Second Generation" or "non lethal" technologies: "This report evaluates the second generation of 'non-lethal' weapons which are emerging from national military and nuclear weapons laboratories in the United States as part of the Clinton Administration's 'non-lethal' warfare doctrine now adopted in turn by NATO. These devices include weapons using. directed energy beam,.radio frequency, laser and acoustic mechanisms to incapacitate human targets" (23) The report states that "the most controversial ,non-lethal' crowd control . technology proposed by the U.S., are so called Radio Frequency or Directed Energy Weapons that can allegedly manipulate human behavior. the greatest concern is with systems which can directly interact with the human nervous system" (24). The report also states that "perhaps the most powerful developments remain shrouded in secrecy" (25).

The unavailability of official documents confirming the existence of this technology may be the reason why the OMEGA report is referencing, with
respect to mind control technology, the internet publication of the author of this article (26 ).

Similarly, the internet publication of the director of the American Human Rights and Anti-mind Control Organization (CAHRA), Cheryl Welsh, is referenced by the joint initiative of the Quaker United Nations Office, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, and Programme for Strategic and International Security Studies, with respect to non-lethal weapons (27).

On September 25th, 2000, the Committee on Security of the Russian State Duma discussed the addendum to the article 6 of the Federal law On Weapons. In the resolution we read:
"The achievements of contemporary science. allow for creation of measured methods of secret, remote influencing on the psyches and physiology of a person or a group of people" (28). The committee recommended that the addendum be approved. The addendum to the article 6 of the Russian Federation law "On Weapons" was approved on July 26, 2001. It states: "within the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited the circulation of weapons and other objects. the effects of the operation of which are based on the use of electromagnetic, light, thermal, infra-sonic or ultra-sonic radiations." (29).

In this way, the Russian government made a first step to stand up to its dedication to the ban of mind control technology.

In the Doctrine of Informational Security of the Russian Federation, signed by president Putin in September 2000, among the dangers threatening the informational security of Russian Federation, is listed "the threat to the constitutional rights and freedoms of people and citizens in the sphere of spiritual life. individual, group and societal consciousness" and "illegal use of special means affecting individual, group and societal consciousness" (30). Among the major directions of the international cooperation toward the guaranteeing of the informational security is listed "the ban of production, dissemination and use of 'informational weapon' " (31).

The foregoing statement should be interpreted as the continuing Russian commitment to the international ban of the means of remote influencing of the activity of the human brain.

Similarly, in the above mentioned report, published by the STOA, the originally proposed version of the resolution of the European Parliament calls for: "an international convention for a global ban on all research and development, which seeks to apply knowledge of the chemical, electrical, sound vibration or other functioning of the human brain to the development of weapons which might enable the manipulation of human beings, including a ban of any actual or possible deployment of such systems."(32)

Here the term "actual" might easily mean that such weapons are already deployed.

Among the countries with the most advanced military technologies is the USA which did not present any international initiative demanding the ban of technologies enabling the remote control of human mind. (The original version of the bill by Denis J. Kucinich was changed.)

All the same, according to the study published by STOA, the US is the major promoter of the use of those weapons. Non lethal technology was included into NATO military doctrine due to their effort: "At the initiative of the USA, within the framework of NATO, a special group was formed, for the perspective use of devices of non-lethal effects" states the record from the session of the Committee on Security of the Russian State Duma (28).

The report published by STOA states: "In October 1999 NATO announced a new policy on non-lethal weapons and their place in allied arsenals" (33). "In 1996 non-lethal tools identified by the U.S. Army included. directed energy systems" and "radio frequency weapons" (34) - those weapons, as was suggested in the STOA report as well, are being associated with the effects on the human nervous system.

According to the Russian government informational agency FAPSI, in the last 15 years,U.S. expenditures on the development and acquisition of the means of informational war has increased fourfold, and at present they occupy the first place among all military programs (17),(3).

Though there are possible uses of informational war, which do not imply mind control, the US Administration has been unwilling to engage in negotiations on the ban on all forms of manipulation of the human brain. This unwillingness might indeed suggest that the US administration intends to use mind control technologies both within the US as well as internationally as an instrument of warfare.

One clear consequence of the continuation of the apparent politics of secrecy surrounding technologies enabling remote control of the human brain is that the governments, who own such technologies, could use them without having to consult public opinion. Needless to say, any meaningful democracy in today's world could be disrupted, through secret and covert operations. It is not inconceivable that in the future, entire population groups subjected to mind control technologies, could be living in a "fake democracy" where their own government or a foreign power could broadly shape their political opinions by means of mind control technologies.


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Soy, the Soydid truth they dont want you to know

Important paper by Dr. Blaylock exposing soy as the public health hazard that it is.

Yesterday Robert Cohen of put a column on his large non-milk list against Dr. Blaylock and Dr. Mercola's warning against the use of soy products. I believe he did this because he advocates soy milk and sells a machine he calls soy toys. He also has a large calling with 7 Day Adventists who should also receive this rebuttal from Dr. Blaylock. Robert's information was wrong and I couldn't stop him nor could I convince him to allow Dr. Blaylock to show his side so people getting the information could form their opinion having both sides of the debate. Dr. Blaylock has answered Robert. This article is chock full of incredible, life-saving information everyone should have. I'm putting it on my lists but I hope
that others who have lists will, in fact, also share it, publish it and saturate the globe with it. Dr. Blaylock's web site with his books is and he also has an excellent newsletter. Also for more information on MSG go to Dr. Blaylock can be seen in the movie Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World ( Stay tuned for Sweet Remedy, coming soon.

Dr. Blaylock's rebuttal was very necessary because "Truth" always comes first, and we're talking about people's lives. It's bad enough that industry and professional organizations who are funded by industry mislead the public. And the glutamate people are very powerful and continually put out propaganda to consumers. Dr. Blaylock's information is brilliant and is the truth of the matter.

All my best,
Dr. Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible International, 9270 River Club
Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097 770 242-2599 (subscribe to the Aspartame Information list for continued info on aspartame and MSG) and

Response to Robert Cohen's Slanderous Statements

I have been sent an e-mail that you have circulated concerning my objections to soy-based foods. I must say your slanderous rantings are that of a three-year old having a temper tantrum, not a reasoned discussion of the issues involved. You portray yourself as a "scientist", but I fail to see your credentials posted. I am a board-certified neurosurgeon, retired Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurosurgey, Visiting Professor of Biology at Belhaven College and have written over 30 papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. I serve on the editorial board of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons and the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association.

My recent papers on the connection between excitotoxicity and fluoride neurotoxicity, and autism and the Gulf War Syndrome have received praise from leading authorities in each of these areas of research. I am the co-developer of one of the most commonly used methods for removal of intraventricular meningiomas, for which I am given credit in all major neurosurgical texts, along with my mentor Ludwig G, Kempe, one of the most famous names in Neurosurgey.

I have written three chapters in three medical textbooks as well as three nutrition books for the lay public, one of which you quoted, citing me as an expert in the field. I do extensive study in the field of excitotoxicity.

Since you are now in the business of selling soy products and a soy-milk making machine, I can understand your concern for your financial future. That has nothing to do with science. If your reading public wants an excellent review of the dangers of soy I suggest they read Dr. Kaayla Daniel's newly released book- The Whole Soy Story. You rambling defense of soy safety falls far short of science for a number of reasons. Aspartic acid, which is a naturally occurring amino acid, that, despite your statement that it is an essential amino acid, is not. It can be synthesized from oxaloacetate and glutamate via transamination. What you and many of the defenders of excitatory amino acid safety cannot seem to understand, or refuse to understand, is that free amino acids act differently than those occurring in whole foods.

Digestion breaks most proteins into amino acids only at a very slow rate. I quote Guyton's Textbook of Medical Physiology, page 794- " As a result the normal rate of absorption... (amino acid absorption is determined) by the rate at which they can be released from the proteins during digestion. For these reasons, essentially no free amino acids can be found in the intestine during digestion." When soybeans are processed, the excitotoxic amino acids (glutamate and aspartate) are not only released, they are concentrated. This is especially so in soy protein isolates and soy protein concentrates-which are used in soy milk. This means that your figures on the glutamic and aspartic acid contents is much lower than in fact exist in your product.

Olney and others have shown that human blood levels of glutamate increase as much as 20X on glutamate loading with concentrations found in such hydrolyzed proteins. These high blood levels are transferred into the human brain, especially under certain circumstances. Even in the completely normal brain, glutamate, aspartate and other excitotoxins can enter the brain via the circumventricular organs, which includes the hypothalamus. As you certainly know, or should know, one of the most sensitive structures in the brain is the arcuate nucleus. It is easily destroyed by levels of glutamate found in hydrolyzed proteins and this has been proven in laboratory studies.

It is also known that the blood-brain barrier contains glutamate receptors and that free glutamate at these concentrations, can open the barrier, allowing these high levels of glutamate to freely enter the brain. It is also known that a multitude of conditions open the barrier, including strokes (both gross and silent), brain injury, brain tumors, certain pesticides, mercury, lead, autoimmune disorders (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc), radiofrequency radiation (cell phones), seizures, multiple sclerosis and infections. Anyone with these conditions should avoid products that contain high levels of excitotoxins, such as hydrolyzed soy products. T his constitutes a large percentage of the population.

In addition, pregnant women should avoid such excitotoxin-containing products, since the placenta concentrates the glutamate, exposing the baby to much higher levels of glutamate than the mother. This has been proven. It has also been proven, that the baby's brain is 5X more sensitive to excitotoxin exposure than is the adult brain and that humans are 4X more sensitive than the next most sensitive animal species. And this is under the best of conditions.

It has been shown that inflammation dramatically increases the toxicity of excitotoxins on the brain, especially in small children. This means that any inflammatory condition, virus, bacterial infection or immune disorder, will increase a person's and especially a baby's risk of injury. Since the human baby's brain undergoes its most rapid growth and development from the last trimester of pregnancy through the first 2 years of life, it is most at risk from food-based excitotoxins, such as hydrolyzed soy.

A number of recent studies have shown that excess glutamate exposure during this period of "brain growth spurt" can alter the develop ment of the child's brain, especially neuroendocrine, cognitive, behavioral and language functions.

I am sure many of your readers are not aware that one of the earliest finding during glutamate research was that newborn animals fed glutamate developed gross obesity. This has been repeated numerous times and is used in obesity studies. An international panels of neuroscientist cited this as a possible reason for the obesity epidemic in the developed world. With the dramatic increase in glutamate food additives and consumption of soy products, especially soy based formula and soy milk by babies and small children, is is no wonder we are seeing this epidemic of childhood gross obesity and diabetes. Experimentally, glutamate exposure in these same doses can induce diabetes in animals.

Experiments have also shown that early exposure to glutamate can alter-permanently-the baby's vascular reactivity. This would have major implications in cardiovascular disease. Likewise, early exposure to higher levels of glutamate, equal to that of food-based excitotoxins, results in behavioral problems, endocrine disruption, increased susceptibility to seizures early in life and alterations in lipid profiles that increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease later in life. In fact, newer studies have shown that elevated blood glutamate significantly increases free radical generation in the endothelial lining of blood vessels-the very mechanism that causes atherosclerosis.

Recent research has also shown that many tissues and organs in the body contain glutamate receptors and that overstimulation of these receptors can cause a number of clinical problems. For example, glutamate receptor stimulation of pulmonary tissues can result in bronchiospasm (as in asthma) and worsening of pulmonary function in those with lung diseases. The heart muscle and heart conduction system (AV and SA nodes) also contain numerous glutamate receptors. As I pointed out, the pancreas (ilets of Langerhans) also contain abundant glutamate receptors, and explains the resulting diabetes.

Even more frightening is the recent discovery that glutamate greatly enhances the growth of a number of cancers-especially brain cancers, such as the glioblastoma and malignant astrocytoma. Breast, lung and ovarian cancers have also been shown to spread and metastasize faster when glutamate levels are elevated. This has been proven, and is beyond dispute.

We know that under certain conditions, glutamate toxicity is greatly increased, which includes low magnesium levels, deficient mitochondrial energy production [such as hypoglycemia, mitochondrial disease, during aging, with all of the neurodegenerative disease (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS] and most chronic diseases), during inflammation and when associated with other toxins-including mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, pesticides, fluoride and industrial chemicals. This would include tens of millions of Americans, who should be avoiding soy products.
While there is a lot more concerning excitotoxins, which can be found in my two books-Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills and Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life., unfortunately, there is a lot more involved than just excitotoxins. Soybeans and especially their hydrolyzed and processed products, contain high levels of manganese, aluminum and fluoride-all of which are powerful cell toxins, especially for brain cells.

Recent studies have shown that when aluminum is combined with fluoride, which occurs very easily, brain levels of aluminum are doubled. Extensive research connects aluminum in the brain with most of the neurodegenerative diseases. When hydrolyzed as in soy milk, the fluoride and aluminum easily bind, forming neurotoxic fluoroaluminum compounds. The concentration at which this occurs in 0.5 ppm, a very small concentration. Fluoroaluminum compounds interact with G-proteins, which are common cell communication systems, especially in the brain and operate most of the glutamanergic receptors in the brain (glutamate receptors).

I would call attention to a most important study reported in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in the year 2000. It describes a 25 year study of middle-aged individuals consuming a diet containing tofu, which found a strong association with brain atrophy and cognitive impairment and the consumption of this soy product. Brain atrophy was determined by MRI scans. In fact, low brain weight was seen in 12% of men consuming the lowest amount of tofu and 40% consuming the highest amount. This indicates a dose-response effect, making a stronger case of neurotoxicity. I can go on forever with research and studies showing a significant danger of consuming large amounts of soy products, especially soy milk, but I have other things to do-like research processed food toxicology .

I would hope that Mr. Cohen would in the future refrain from his temper tantrums and childish, slanderous name-calling. Neither I nor Dr. Mercola are idiots, morons or suffering from delusions. What we are not doing is making money selling soy products. I expect this response to appear on your website.

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Governance, Sarbanes-Oxley And Value Reporting:

Governance, Sarbanes-Oxley And Value Reporting:
New Life for the Shareholder? or, a "Wink-and-a-Nod"

Ineffective Board representation combined with 'transition' into grand scale absentee ownership (investors who are indifferent about the nature of their assets, as long as it produces the desired return) has produced an amnesia with regard to risks entailed with management self-dealing. The other participants in the recent financial crisis have been the legislators and lobbyists, which partly produced the reason for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 ("SOX"). Again, we seem to have the same culprits of previous financial failures, as demonstrated in the 'unintended' consequences of most of the S&L legislation. With respect to the success of SOX, prudence exhorts skepticism; perhaps board and governance along with educated 'owners' and other stakeholders may remedy agency self-dealing.

Further, those knowledgeable of the legislative process, as well as the forces that drive matters to the point where legislation becomes the result are asking was the SOX really the right answer? With Congress' interest to legislate corporate governance, accountability for internal controls, and firms which provide that and external reporting services, was SOX necessary federal legislation when the SEC could have had the Exchanges require any eventual compliance of its listed firms? Was it necessary to make into statute the practice of arm's length assurance and audit? Perhaps the 50 states should audit the companies incorporated in each one, looking for signs of malfeasance and negligence, rather than permit further federal encroachment into states' matters. I remain somewhat skeptical that more vigilant oversight wouldn't have been the appropriate answer at the board level of the issuers, at the accounting firms, and for their profession's code of conduct to remain fully respectful for the degree of integrity necessary to provide such services that fan the public trust, or cynicism and litigation. Perhaps without federal force, however, nothing would have changed, even though we should be concerned about what REALLY changed below the radar screen, and SOX's "unintended" consequences.

Congress hoped to subtly shed attention, and thus, blame from itself and its campaign contributing management and board cronies. With Congress typically passing management-cozy laws, in SOX however, the jury may be out still on management's continuation of its recent practice of battering the reporting model in order to self-deal and self-enrich. Between senior management certifications required under Sections 302 and 906, and discipline for improper influence on conduct of audits in section 303, management, auditors, and external reporting firms may find it extremely difficult to commit fraud and misrepresent the firm's performance. The Act is attempting to end to corporate earnings-gaming by requiring 'arms-length' practices for the reporting and earnings calculating via disciplining and diminishing the relationship between management and the public accounting firms. Additionally, SOX is repositioning a firm's relationship with the public accounting firms at the board level. In several other sections including Section 404, SOX also shifts internal audit responsibilities toward oversight of financial integrity, hopefully including a greater emphasis on the quality of the information produced from the internal reporting with associated controls, not merely auditing the systems to determine levels of functionality, which was formerly what the internal audit largely examined. Section 804 extends the 'Statute of Limitations for Securities Fraud', hopefully another way to mitigate corporate fraud (all above and following SOX references are cited from E&Y's "Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 The Current Landscape (Rule Updates and Business Trends", as of 8/03).

Firms enjoy access to the public exchanges, however, and while listed to trade publicly, they are required to comply with the new legislation. With SOX eliminating much of the former permissibility to use the reporting model to contort appearances of financial performance (Section 401 is requiring complete, enterprise wide disclosure, linking with the SEC's Reg G (1/22/03) to prohibit presentation of misleading and inaccurate non GAAP reporting), this may be why management is seeking desperately to retain the use of free options and is attempting to have Congress force the FASB to withdraw pending GAAP to expense options as a form of executive compensation.

Evidently, SOX likewise is producing 'pressure' at firms such as Ernst & Young, which we see: "Following the passage of the Act (SOX), these pressures continue to mount, together with increased regulation, and a renewed focus on corporate governance practices and financial reporting integrity and transparency", found in the opus of E&Y's Rule Updates and Business Trends, "Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002" (8/03), a helpful document E&Y provides to summarize the sections of SOX.
E&Y and its peers have every ability to produce quality audit and assurance services to prevent misrepresentation, fraud, and piracy of every sort in public reporting, if they remain committed to the task. One sees this admirably demonstrated in the "Company A Cash Disbursements - Narrative", 12/31/03 (Audit/Control) checks and balances at the cash disbursements level. Perhaps not having participated in official audits, I also found impressive E&Y's Assurance and Advisory Business Services "Preparing for Internal Control Reporting, A Guide for Management's Assessment under Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act" (0677), "Evaluating Internal Controls" (in 3 parts), as a part of E&Y's services to provide "comprehensive assessment and documentation of the effectiveness of internal controls over financial reporting" pursuant to Section 404 (0677, p. 2). Perhaps the control and reporting staff at listed firms should be required to comply with Continuing Professional Education in control accounting and financial reporting including new GAAP; professionals at the public accounting firms must meet these continuing ed requirements (0677, p. 14, "Whether the accounting department has processes in place to identify significant changes in GAAP promulgated...").

Although it should not surprise me, notwithstanding, I found the distinction made between audit and assurance services rendered by the public accounting firms to listed companies where E&Y indicates, "Finally, the project team needs to include in its understanding and evaluation the company's process for producing financial reports" (0677, p. 21). Was this responsibility overlooked before SOX, and now must be part of the check list of assurance/audit firm tasks? Perhaps a disconnect existed between the respective results of audit and assurance efforts, where one may attribute the disconnect partly to a management disrespect for the "Cost-Benefit Concept" that would avoid reducing difficult-to-quantify risks and the practice of 'old-fashioned' audit tasks (0677, p. 27). Sadly, the accountants complied. Hopefully, with the SOX created PCAOB, the accounting firms will find that they need to render superior, arm's length work (Sections 101 & 102, 104, and 108). And meanwhile, 'window dressing' comes to mind. E&Y Partners Haverstick and Ridder mentioned that internal audit responsibilities are shifting more towards oversight of financial integrity (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002: The Current Landscape, p. 5, Section 302: Management Certifications Business Trends). From what are these responsibilities shifting? What before was so flawed about how E&Y handled these things, and how can E&Y certify systems as fool-proof and game-proof? Time will tell.

Not fully agreeing with Eccles, et al's premise that the 'reporting model' has failed, I absolutely support complete transparency, high-idealed board practices, and corporate governance that are fully accountable to the non management shareholder in every prudent way in order to eliminate the pervasive agency problem that has been abusing the stakeholders in public companies. Further, internationalizing the reporting model adds yet another element of distraction that management uses to self-enrich and promotes corporate colonialism; we need to deal with our US GAAP problems. Eccles, et al, also had mentioned three dimensions of risk that companies should answer in their financial reporting: what has management practiced to produce 'value', what practices destroy value, and what confidence has the ordinary investor to estimate the distribution of outcomes (Eccles, et al, p.145, 146). Although the authors have asked in the end something seemingly abstract, perhaps investors unconsciously ask themselves this by their 'investment' choices, such as choosing mutual funds.

Perhaps few investors really care about SOX, however, and the aforementioned associated efforts that we are making regarding increasing transparency and more effective governance. Perhaps huckstering the 'markets' as a 'safe' investment and as a proxy for savings accounts, but now attracting the same market gambling that previously found outlet at the race track has contorted the activity in the investment markets, coincident with this get-rich-quick mentality that is occurring in times of indolence which also promotes corporate interests and self-dealings front and center stage. Such speaks ill of our society, when commercial interests have gained the power and attention that they have. SOX will not solve any of this.

The authors give us the following past-as-prologue concerns. First, the authors state that boards must demand the necessary information (Eccles, et al. P. 239). Should we assume the authors are telling us that boards of directors neglected to ask for full disclosure and full transparent financial reporting from management? Or rather, why wasn't management giving the board this information?

Next, perhaps Shareholders' Equity would provide the better location for reporting of changes in Goodwill, as these fair value changes fail the realizable and earned tests for income statement reporting (Eccles, et al, p. 241, 242). The authors also discuss internet measurement standards for intangible items that need valuation for balance sheet purposes, however, which I would never include in the Income Statement (p. 261), unless these items actually earned realizable revenue.

Eccles, et al, further believe that Value Reporting Revolution can eliminate information confusion that seems to be causing battles among the users and issuers of financial reports (p. 249), rather than exposing management's interest to self-enrich, which in realtiy is producing the confusion. The authors fail to observe another associated factor which is management's desire to distinguish itself from the next guy, so as to gain the investors' dollars. It seems this is partly the undertow to the authors' interests and thesis related to finding the 'value drivers' of firm, including the Global Reporting Initiative (triple bottom line). In addition, the accounting firms should include in their audit report their insights 'about how to improve that performance" (p. 267) and charge for it accordingly. The auditors' job is not to advise management, however, and here the authors reveal their continued co-dependence to have some management level, value-added position that violates the arm's length, disinterested 3rd party rule, and exists as another part of the undertow. The authors err again when they smugly add that the industry 'expert' model has worked well for management allies such as the bankers and consultants, and that the accountants likewise can enjoy this (p.269, 270).

Without omission about the role of sell-side analysts, a respected utility analyst by the name of Barry Spenser (God rest his soul) once noted about this group, "Why do you think they call it the SELL side?" His rhetorical comment answered many questions related to the problems everyone else had with Wall Street and sell-side analysts. The public had failed to ask Wall Street about the truthful role of the 'sell-side' analyst, and wait for the correct answer; salesmen will tell you anything if they are permitted.

Andrea Psoras
Franklin & Marshall College
Bus481 Financial Reporting
For April 1, 2004

Friday, February 04, 2005

Constitutional vrs 'Free' trade (work in progress)

"Free" Trade - The Controlled Trade of the British 'Crown'

What is the history of 'free' trade? We can thank the British 'Crown' for 'free' trade. One conjectures the expression alluded to the lack of taxation on the "Crown's" imported goods, or perhaps where British ships were accessing regions typically controled by ships of other societies, and transporting 'free' of foreign involvement with those exported goods from those regions to Britain and British settlments.

The British in the late 16th through early 19th centuries had attempted to gain more access to, and control of trade in the regions controlled by other countries, this interest to control trade the British Crown-colonistic form of trade/commerce they labeled as 'free' trade. Even in and out of the American settlements as well as other 'colonies' of the British 'Crown', the British Crown wanted to control all trade including all transport of goods. The 'Royal Navy', conceived originally to pirate, then morphed to protect the British "Crown's" (commercial interests') trade from pirates, in time had greater ambitions and beliefs in its efficiency - its speed to transport goods. Reading Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" may remind one of his argument about enterprises more efficient than others at transporting goods in and out of foreign regions. Although some like to identify that part of Smith as describing 'comparative advantage', actually Smith was describing 'free' trade and alluding in this case without specifying some presumed 'techonological' advantage that British ships had over Spanish or Dutch ships, and so the British ships had a comparative advantage with regard to their speed than those of other societies. Identifying the terms and concepts becomes important in the slick double-speak that the commercial interests have perpetrated over the century or so including and since our Civil War.

While discussing the developement of the British navy, Andrew Herman's "To Rule the Waves: How the British Navy shaped the World" (Collins, 2004) reveals and describes the term 'Free' Trade, researches the British Navy's escort and armament of its trade vessels, as well as British Crown efforts to control trade in and out of its regions and colonies, including access to those of the other colonial powers. For this reason, he added, the British viewed Sam Adams and John Hancock as 'smugglers' because they opposed, and competed against the Crown's interests and efforts to control trade in or out of the Americas.

No wonder when we drafted the Declaration of Independence, we were separating ourselves from the British People, the British King/Monarchy, and the "British Crown", another lable for the British commercial interests, a number of which had financed and supported the founding of colonies in the 'new world'. In our Revolution, we were liberating ourselves not only from lack of representation and associated taxes when the 'Crown' opposed and rejected paying taxes to the King and told him to 'get it from the colonies', but we were shedding the British intent to control trade into our society. The British Crown began aggressive punishment and interference of, and against American merchants and their trade, while we began actions of civil disobedience and aggressive efforts to separate/liberate ourselves from virtually everything British and Crown.

Contemporary versions of colonialist Crown trade, commonly known as 'Free' Trade agreements, play on the ignorance of those from whom this back-to-the-future piracy is targeting- the means of the ordinary voter and shareholder. Academics of virtually all levels in the US ubiquitously teach 'free' trade as if it is THE accepted, unquestioned form of international trade and commerce. College economics professors teach that 'barriers' trade hinder 'free' trade. Over time, the prevailing, predominant theme regarding trade has become 'Free' trade, where 'experts' site it as the way for advancement, enrichment, and something we must embrace in what they describe as our 'democracy'. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The British and the current 5th Column within the US, let's calls these the 'Red Coats' or the Red Coat 'Free'Traitors, meanwhile, condemn those among us who aggressively advocate we keep, as well as call for our public servants to keep the Constitution where we indirectly tax, ie, charge duties, tariffs, and excise taxes/customs fees - on all imported goods and I would include services. They condemn us as protectionists and trade haters or opposing trade when again, nothing could be farther from the truth. We are not a society with colonies - that for which the British Crown purposed 'free' trade to exist. The British hated our Constitution's prohibition of the British Crown's preferred form of trade, now painted to ignorated Americans to mean 'open' trade when 'free' trade disingenuously means trade to suit special, middle-man interests. The slam of protectionist/protectionism attempts to argue for something that our Constitution - our Rule of Law- prohibits and which the Constitution makes no argument or support for it anywhere, even though the language is loose in ARticle 1 Section 8. The Protectionist epithet is a typical slam of those resentfully disenfranchised and deceitfully attempting to control the playing field to advantage themselves. Tariffs on ALL imported goods, and I would include ALL services, discriminates against no particular import, with the result that open trade exists, while we have our quality of life encouraged and promoted while tariffs, etc on all sorts of imports encourages us to do business with each other, and broadly developing wealth throughout our society among all of us, without the interference, problems, the greed, and ambitions of foreign commercial and sovereign interests of other societies. Our free trade with former colonialist societies and their former colonies has bailed out those counterparties, while we have financed their socialism and welfare states.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NAFTA.Last year marked the 10th Anniversary of the North American 'Free' Trade Agreement, otherwise known as NAFTA. In addition to the terrible consequences of the final and unfinished part of NAFTA mandating to economically integrate the US with Canada, less economically asymmetric than the US, but also with Mexico, not only different culturally, but a 3rd world country economically, with all the problems and failures of a cronyist, post-colonialist, deeply divided, class-stratified, sectarian society. Unless we repeal NAFTA as well as other free trade agreements, the future for the US domestic economy looks increasingly bleak.

Management and those facilitating middle-man interests including the financial press, sidestep, supress, or avoid the truth. Meanwhile, 'free' trade in general continues to erode our domestic commercial environment with experts monitoring the melt-down. Academics involved in developing NAFTA have admitted the more disturbing truth about 'free' trade: Clement's (1999), et al's, "North American Economic Integration" describes on page 12: "political scientists also have reason to be uneasy about NAFTA (as an illustration). They tend to view free trade agreements as a problematic issue for political candidates irrespective of their ideological positions, ie, free trade is usually seen by workers in developed countries (AND IN OUR REPUBLIC) as a threat to their economic security, especially during periods of stagnating wages and massive restructuring 'downsizing', as was in the case in the early 1990s" (that particular recession was caused by a Democrat-lead Congress and Reagan's 1986 Tax Act, which contributed to the 'thrift crisis' and the 'banking' crisis. Corporations took advantage to the recession to conduct restructuring and charge-off the expense for this during a time when corporations were already reporting lower profits. Those write-offs related to restructuring charges, coincident with the passage of NAFTA and may have been, probably were used to finance manufacturing investment in Mexico, hidden in the income statement in the restructuring charges taken in a slow economy).

Clement continues, "Nonetheless, firms <> especially those in high-tech, export-oriented industries, tend to support 'freer' trade and through lobbyists, wield considerable influence with political candidates, hence, politicians may well lose voter support if they support 'free trade' and lose campaign funding if they oppose it - a classic 'no win' situation. Nevertheless, some political scientists looking at (foreign relations) which have fluctuated widely in recent decades use (these agreements) a tool for 'normalizing' the channels of ...discussion... on a wide range of economic and political issues..." .

The Fraud of the "New Ecomomy" and its non union, younger work force. For example, the 'tech' industries such as Information tech, computer hardware and software and 'enterprise' build-out including the Internet technology are relatively 'young' sectors, have little in the way of legacy benefits costs, often employ younger people with fewer responsibilities, less risk aversity, and less interest in work security in this time in their lives, so they will take jobs with less benefits, lower (these jobs are usually non union) wages, and less stable than more established companies which populate our S&P 500 group of corporations. These people are more manipulated by the promise of wealth of exercising options in a 'rising market' and will trade a better paying,more secure job with better benefits for a promise through working for a company that unfortunately is validated by the deceitful, racist globalism ploy. Moreover, many of these companies avoid unions and so going forward, a different, cheaper employee cost structure exists for management in those sectors.

As the better paying, better benefits in jobs with S&P 500 companies allowed by Congress through tax treaties to flee to foreign shores, PNTR, bashed tariffs and duties, more publicly traded companies' managements presume they have their operating strategy mastered to the letter, and in foreign societies employ people not contributory to the development of the American 'Brain Trust', while also not employing Americans in America that contribute and support the US brain trust of engineers, other scientists and mathemeticians. Meanwhile, 'free' trade also produces that pervasive 'race' to the bottom condemned by Senator Corzine, and most evident in the developed societies and economies, while seemingly desired by the reductionist, colonialist minded, as illustrated by that 'German efficiency' one could argue as evident with the nazis, and thus illustrative of the '4rth Reich' influence on contemporary American commercial activity.

In a very innocuous, yet revealing way, the authors on this book on international trade exposed the heart of the matter... that Corporate Management wants free trade to suit their own pockets, regardless of their employees, and elected officials want the lobbyists' wielding campaign contributions from corporate managements looking to line their own pockets. THE TRUTH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH (exporting ) DEMOCRACY, WHICH THEY HAVE TERMED TO BE SOMETHING FRIGHTENINGLY LESS THAN THE FRAMERS OF OUR REPUBLIC KNEW THAT WORD TO MEAN AND FOUGHT TWO WARS TO ESTABLISH IN THIS CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

The ultimate waste of taxpayer moneys into management hands with much 'Free Trade' and the difference between our government gathering Constitutional taxes such as Tariffs, rather than having the Executive Branch take fruits of our labor with direct taxation aside from wage/salary/ and similar taxes, I would rather pay the Tariffs on imports I infrequently purchase so as to have back my salary, bonus, and returns from investments untaxed.
So, Qui Bono? The management interests paying their lobbyists, who make campaign contributions into political candidates and/or their campaigns benefit most from 'free' trade. Virtually always, management interests via lobbyists are looking for earmarked legislation that hammers down our Constitution, that pesky unspecified "barriers" to trade defined more specifically as duties, tariffs, and excise taxes coincidentally, indirect forms of taxation described in Article I Section 8 of our Constitution, our Rule-of-Law, and that to which our public servants pretend to take their oath of office to uphold. Note that the ordinary voting and share holding American is omitted as a benefactor, and actually indicated as disenfranchised, while lobbyists and corporate interests aggressively hammer down our Constitution so as to self-enrich and self-deal.

On what premises does 'Free' Trade exist, or "How-do-we-sell-this-to-the-huddled-masses"? "Comparative Advantage", and "an interdependent world" - double-speak expressions coined by economists and their corporate plantation masters, argue when a society has certain natural resources, these are its contribution back to the global economy. Those societies formerly under colonialism and in the reality of contemporary corporatism, meanwhile, remain subject to management and the developed societies attempting to pirate and control the world's resources for a select group. Let's call that group the 'Secret' or even the Corporate State, which never lets these commodity and/or 'developing' societies fully develop themselves to full self-sufficiency. An 'interdependent' world, meanwhile, in reality positions management - THE AGENT, THE MIDDLE MAN, to directly or de facto control everything. Recall the Middle Man, or the Agent, aka "Management" are those who originally were acting on behalf of the owners. Although the shareholders elect the board, senior management over perhaps the last 30 has controlled the nominating slate of directors - leaving the shareholders' representatives to self-deal and collude with management. With the past 50 years yielding an increasing number of non management, non-founder shareholders - uninvolved, absentee owners in the businesses in which they are invested via mutual funds, 401(k)s and other passive stock holdings - most fail to remain knowledgeable and active in the decision making of the company while also remaining ignorant and impotent in exercising more control left to the cozy dealings of management and their designated board of directors.

As a result, we see little arm's length decision-making at the board and senior management level, where the directors could mandate different operating strategies effectuated by management, including prohibiting management from siting abroad for the hidden agenda of accessing cheap labor regions, or hiring lobbyists and making large campaign contributions. As the American Wallet is the biggest and the most coveted by all global constituents, and our investment markets reflect this prosperity and history of abundance, management's disingenuous reasons for interest in foreign markets for their goods and services exists largely because via 'free' trade - import without Constitutional duties, tariffs, and excise taxes, as well as other taxpayer subsidized tax breaks, and programs in the form of 'export' insurance to insure payment to the exporter who may be exporting into regions incapable of affording the US good exported to it.

Both taxpayer and commercial bank funded, IMF and World Bank 'lending' into those vulnerable, often former colonial regions, frequently fund foreign crony purchases of those particular US military hardware and other trappings of western wealth, funds US corporate projects in those regions occurring largely to suit Western commercial interests in the resources in those regions while those indigenous peoples and citizens in those societies are left uneducated or under-educated, rivened with civil wars and other insurgent produced strife, etc.

So comparative advantage, as the reason for 'free' trade's argument by experts as benefiting the world, sadly prevents societies from self -sufficiency. The operative term in action acts merely as a source for cheap commodities and labor for managements' advantage.

The 'interdependent world' also parades its self as 'exporting our liberty', or 'we need to actively engage in the world so that they don't hate our freedoms', or so that they dont hate our 'way', or the most disingenuous - 'opening-up' foreign markets to our producers and goods. These deceits and frauds act as the mask of management's slick argument to cheapened the 'staff' and/or 'labor' costs on the income statement and pocket those cheesy labor 'saves', to continue to site abroad and shed labor unions which were/are a hated thing by the German and now American fascists whose influence on 2nd half 20th c. American commerce has come to us as the '4rth Reich' (Hartrich: "Fourth and Richest Reich" Macmillan, 1980, which describes German redevelopment there as well as here in the US after WWII, however, refers more to the deterioration of American private enterprise to a back-to-the-future mix of colonialisticness under the contemporized Anglo-American Crown). Compare the overlap and interaction of corporate interests with our elected and non-elected public servants, who appear to serve the corporate 'state' rather than we who elected them to represent and serve us in government. Management and the 'economy' operate above the law, while in reality, we even have the Uniform Commercial Code and state laws of incorporation to which Management and Corporate interests must answer, when they pervasively practice otherwise, let alone to force commerce to answer to rule of law we have with the Constitution. We are seeing cozy, crony-istic matrices which closely contemporaneously resemble the Nazi/german fascist state overlapped with British 'Empire', all largely achieved subsidized by the ordinary voters and non management shareholders.

How have we contorted our Constitution, where we seemingly have 'embraced' this disengenous form of commerce that not only violates our rule-of-law, but establishes a management operating strategy which is producing domestic economic deterioration, capital flight to cheap, labor regions to squeeze short term labor saves out of offshoring corporate offenders, and those saves when run through the income statement goosing it briefly for short term profits. Mexico and Latin America (NAFTA), now China with Permanent Normalized Trade Relations ("PNTR"). In this century, we could see it de facto with redevelopment of Japan, Taiwan and other previously cheap labor regions, be they former fascist societies or otherwise. Via the British influence in America after the 1820s, one could argue with De Tocqueville's analysis of 'Democracy in America', when he believed our lack of crime rooted itself in our pervasive practice and belief in Christianity and religion, perhaps where the faith in the 'Golden Rule', we could also source our prosperity in that conduct as well as respect and commitment to uphold the Constitution, including the indirect taxation and form of generating revenue for federal government described in Article 1 Section 8. With the American Revolution, the argument largely ceased regarding who controlled trade into and out of America.

At this point, however what occurred in American society that has given seeming impunity to corporate interests and their corruptions to operate above the law? We could begin with understanding the British Crown's and European banking interests' determination to re-control America. The British Crown produced the "Irish Potato Famine" and engaged in bringing the Irish to the States, which altered the demographics and cultural mix in the States at that point. Although some states had larger populations of Catholics than others, generally throughout society, education and literacy was high as well as commitment to American Government being to only government to which all Americans would commit, without acknowledgement of Roman Catholicism's seat of 'government' at the Vatican. The British Crown, in introducing what culturally altered the relative homogeneity in American Society, later, although abolishing slavery in Britain in the late 1830s, continued to advantaged itself with the use of Slavery in the American South, meanwhile perhaps continuing to use barter as its exchange mechanism in the trade it did with the cotton and sugar plantations.

Barter is an inferior exchange mechanism and economic model largely as it ties the weaker counter party to the more powerful counter-party, which isn't exchanging the money of account as the unit of exchange. Use of the money of account in the exchange for products liberates the receiving party to engage in trade and production/services with other counter-parties. It left the American South vulnerable to looking to maintain its establishment as its means for enjoying and establishing wealth when Lincoln and Congress opposed future slavery in newly formed states entering the Republic.

The British practice of 'Free' Trade failed to override our Constitution while we kept it, however, over the many years that our perhaps mortally wounded Republic never officially declared peace after the Civil War, which had us under a military provisional government, and it had/has left us vulnerable to the ignorance of the voter, the public servants elected and sent to represent us, but compromised in part as a result of the failure for Congress under the Constitution to officially declare itself in session on December 1st of every year, ANY YEAR, AS IT HAS NOT SINCE 1859, and has left control of the federal government into the hands of the corporate interests (Dessie Andrews It was this status in part produced by the British Crown and perhaps the/part of the Faustian pact to which John Quincy Adams agreed when he went to Britain to negotiate their back-off from supporting the South in our Civil War, which Lincoln produced in part when sending troops to force South Carolina back into the 'Union', then bringing opprobrium of the other southern states, which only THEN seceded from the "Union" to assist South Carolina when it was militarily punished. The northern bankers and arguably the foreign bankers and foreign corporate interests still financed both sides of the war, however, we became the target of the European and British Elites' fears and ambitions to end the American Republic, conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that All Men are Created Equal, that in this society, all men shall enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

No imperialism exists in this Republic, no waste of voters' lives and resources, no federal assistance into private corporate fancies, interests, except for what appears to have been infrastructure development. Trade Promotion Authority and 'bi--partisan' ie, corporatist/ internationalist/ globalist domestic support among our public servants for 'free' trade and increasing statism we see illustrated forthwith. We must eschew every sort of contemporary colonialist/corporatist - 'shadow government' agenda which attempts and would disrupt our governmental system of Checks and Balances. Supporting 'Trade Promotion' formerly known as 'fast track', first gained during Ford's administration, then expired and re-proposed during the Clinton Administration (and as well as related 'trade' efforts such a NAFTA'S sister "Free Trade for the Americas") violate the system of checks and balances between the Executive and Legislative branches originally established in our government.

We should have cause for concern when Alan Greenspan, Colin Powell, and Charlene Barshefsky support Trade Promotion/Fast Track - and the umbrella Big Daddy - "Free Trade" - trade treachery and corporate management pork/welfare when one realizes the intentions. Although Ms. Barshefsky, Mr.Powell and Mr. Greenspan represent different constituencies, all share their membership in the "Shadow Government" and support corporate and special interests over those of the US electorate and the Constitution, and were not and are not subject to direct control by Congress and real scrutiny of voting citizens and Taxpayers.

Paul O'Neill verbalized their agenda to the Week end Financial Times, a London based daily financial newspaper - in its Saturday edition (May 18, 2001) Perhaps O'Neill thought only globalistic readers and the leaders who believe his comments are ambitious FT Week-end readers. Treasury Secretary O'Neill said that he wants to eliminate corporate income taxes, that the individual taxpayer would shoulder the heavier tax burden, the individual taxpayer now pays 80% up from 60% 20 years ago of 'income' taxes to the US government, and that able-bodied elderly can or should or would have to continue to work - as if in an adjustment to the current social security system. This is largely the shared agenda of Ms.Barshefsky, Mr. Greenspan, who calls us all 'consumers' and frets over the low savings rate, and perhaps even Mr. Powell, but time will tell.

Even Ms. Barshefsky and President Bush agree that trade 'endeavors' often are a form of diplomacy, and at a future point may become some sort of entry to treaties. This is actually a VERY backward way to conduct US State Affairs and Foreign Policy, as well as ignoring that Senate ratifies treaties, these which likewise it also negotiates.

Permitting the Executive Branch dictatorship, with only the President elected once every four years - this is THE TRADE PROMOTION PLOY - our public servants in the Executive Branch doing corporate management's job when the Executive branch negotiates corporate foreign counter-party relationships. Any allowance of the Executive Branch to develop trade and trade agreements, export licenses, and other US Gov activities with foreign nations on behalf of corporate management without any FINAL step-by-step oversight by our Legislative Branch -people who we elect every 2, 4 years THE VOTERS' BOARD OF DIRECTORS, primarily exhibits a group of people very absorbed with their own self-serving corrupt ends and desirous of its own agenda without the historical successful oversight, rather than historical respect of checks, balances, and responsibilities left us in word and THEME of the ideals embodied in the U.S. Constitution.

'Free Trade' and its bastard off-spring 'trade agreements', thus are management pork and thus are management pork and support more management dinosaurs than any subsidized industry. Free Trade does not benefit US citizens with lower prices, as management for themselves pockets the savings from: not having to pay duties and Constitutional Tariffs accompanying the imports, avoiding the higher US wage levels, where with 'free trade' the intermediary processes of US off-shore manufacturing and tax-havened enters without the cost savings passing to end prices and end users - the voters. The 'free trade' argument is to largely enrich management with the difference saved by eliminating Tariffs and duties while avoiding issues such as labor problems and commodities with environmental impact concerns. Meanwhile the national wealth is undermined and revenues to the government similarly are undermined from fewer tariffs and lower tax revenues from marginally and underemployed voters when the 'jobs' have been allowed to flee to tax havens and foreign shores via and into the corporate interests of those on the BUSINESS 150 ROUNDTABLE.

Another fantastic kudo for 'free trade' and supposedly 'trade promotion' also declares that it 'exports our democracy'. Trade promotion and 'free' trade no more exports our democracy than does exporting garbage and sewage for dumping. Further, the countries to which we allegedly are 'exporting our democracy' are corrupt, authoritarian/ totalitarian (fascist or communist), sectarian, class-stratified societies with national religions, whose people remain in virtually the same deplorable condition as they were 50 years ago, when many were under their former dictator or colonial powers and/or controlled by Roman Catholicism or some other national religion or national church.

This revisits another reason for the half-nelson propaganda to push 'free trade': many of the countries with which we are practicing 'free trade' are former colonies of developed nations and our corporations are merely replacing the former colonial powers that extracted resources and exploited the remoteness and underdevelopment of those regions and societies. In a de facto way, it puts money back into the hands of our allies by 'trading' and doing business in their former colonies. Our presence in these regions actually more destabilizes that stabilizes due to the instability and corruption in those rule of man governments combined with the nature of the 'development' in those former colonies: they had their own cultural development disrupted by European colonialism, and then again disrupted differently by US Corporate colonialism.

Results from today's corporate welfare in the States and its international version in the manner of corporate colonialism (ie,"exporting our democracy" - siting abroad to lower labor and commodities expenses to give short term boosts to operating revenues) in underdeveloped regions include: civil wars which arise over strife from valuable commodities or water. Thieves armed and funded by corporate interests disrupt people who farm their land in these rural regions to relocate themselves elsewhere,leaving the valuable commodities for exploitation by financial backers of the armed guerillas (or conducted through an 'Iran-Contra' strategy). The span of examples finds Africa on the extreme end, with Latin South America on the other, as well as the PRC included. It uses a more creative form of control and destructiveness, however, against its people moving in unsanctioned forms of liberty and against the interests of that corrupt totalitarian regime.(I opposed PNTR and the plane incident and the deals to securitize the sour loans of its corrupt, failed banks continues to vindicate my assessment of capriciousness and irrationality of that absurd, wasteful, and mad government. I find it worse, however when my government acts as foolish as that of the PRC's.)

We are seeing little more than contemporized, state sponsored/supported, ie - fascist state/authoratarian - (British/European) colonialism, and 'free' trade was among ITS chosen ways of commerce.


Exporting White Collar Jobs - earlier post

"Exporting White Collar Jobs"

I added this so that people could see the article. thank you for drawing my attention. Aggressively I have promoted and supported the keeping of our Constitution and committing to our rule of law embodied in it. As a result, I have maintained publicly aspect of our Constitution which in statutes uses against all imported goods and services the practice of duties, tariffs, and excise taxes.
The Founding Fathers who wrote our Constitution also signed the Declaration of Indpendence and believed in the themes of the Enlightenment, and practiced these here in the US. The use of duties, etc against imported goods and services means we were committing to the engagement of each other's efforts and contributions of their goods and services in our society. If the 'wealthy ' wanted to pay more due to the duty on the import, they had the ability, but at least we were developing each other and meanwhile developing the wealth of each other and of our society, ALL OF THIS BY THE COMMITTMENT OF RULE OF LAW TO US, AND TO EACH OTHER. We bought property, houses, invested, saved, educated our children, ourselves. the liberty to continue to access this ability and the econonmy behind it however erodes under the following circumstances.

Done on the backs of the middle class and those of what one might also say the 'underclasses' - 'Free trade' and one could include 'tax relief' and the current Administration's interest's for its cronies for 'economic stimulus' as it were, practiced by colonist societies (and one could add corporate welfare societies of various sorts) whose wealthy had reserves of commodities and resources outside of their domestic societies, and as a result wanted to be able to import those goods (and services) into the domestic regions without being taxed, tariffed on them, and for the people under the tariff/duty scenario, might avoid buying those imported goods/services and depending on the influence those 'wealthy' in those colonist societies had on their governmental leaders, be it King, Parliment, or unfortunately now in the States, on the Executive Branch and sadly on Congress, things and related matters of 'trade'/commerce, etc dissintegrate to this as described.

One in analyzing the European societies that practiced colonialism, but in general considered the 'old world' sees practiced strong social contracts in 'class' and 'social' stratification not known or seen similarly here in the States, but sadly existing more here over the years. The people in the old world were and to a degree today are treated poorly by the upper strata in those societies, and when one understands the development of the 'welfare state' this can only exist with the favor of the wealthy and upper classes which have power with the governemntal bodies. Some demonstration of social along with financial committement to society, such as universal health care and/or retirement exists and at great expense under their tax scenarios; such actually disserves not only those in all levels of societies, it makes their companies more unbalanced with the levels of taxes they have to pay to support their welfare states, and resent in 'global' market place not having more for their managements, and higher profits to draw 'money-minded' and 'mercenary' investors.

So elaborate and carefully crafted arguements, etc management produces to the investment community to appeal to their 'wallets' to buy shares in those companies, while management is practicing its own economies by siting in cheap labor regions, passing some of the gains through the income statement to the pretax profit line, while pocketing the rest in what ever way they can. Salaries are above the taxline, and so this is the part of the Bush administration's interest for itself and its cronies' pressure on our Congress for tax cuts, and pressure on our institutional investors to be patient for profits being cultivated in cheap/slave labor inclines costly to establish however in other ways to themselves, and those expenses too are above the tax line , thus increasing pretax expenses and reducing profits. I ONLY SUPPORT AND REMAIN PATIENT FOR PARADIGM CHANGING RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT at this point. ANY CORPORATION PRACTICING SITING AND PRODUCTION/GOODS/SERVICES IN CHEAPER INCLINES, I REJECT AS AN INVESTMENT due to the social upheaval and disuse/decay of our most valuable natural resource, our own people and our brain trust and its development at present and for the future.

At first, with the fascists and their influence - these hated and continue to hate the unions, because the fascist types read 'communism' into unions, and resented sharing any wealth with the 'little people', especially those who had the guts to stand up to management which orginally in the societies that at one point were the owners who didnt want to share, except what they wanted to or had to share to keep competitive, and over the last 50 or so years have had most recent influence on our management practices in the US - initially sited in the US in non union regions such as the south and West. US management in turn are now generally responsible for the mercenary and 'globalist' interests of corporations mostly owned by American institutions, endowments, and foundations.

These globalist managements pay/say EXTRAORDINARY sentiments and notions about developing regions and peoples outside of the US and one could include the rest of the European/British 'Western societies', including Australia, New Zealand, And Canada. Notwithstanding the complete financial meltdown it means to the laid- off ordinary voter/ employee, and in time erosion of society due to violation of RULE OF LAW, then similarly reflected in the grand scale commercial meltdown and financial/economic disease is today where we are, with promise to get worse if people don't start to vigorously oppose free trade and this bogus 'economic stimulus' package, as well as the corrupt expenditures of this administration.

WE must! WAKE UP AND SEE THE FRAUD, HOWEVER SENTIMENTAL AND EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT MAY PAINT IT, but it is complete and utter drivel, incredibly self-serving and only profitable as long as the Voters/taxpayers continue stay brainwashed, think that management and the 'think tanks' know best and continue to think in that dumbed down, little people mentality - generally alien to early post (American) Revolution society - now sadly which seems to support, and swallow the lies of 'free trade' now maintained by not only management, but also by the 'think tanks' and sadly now our Elected officials who are violating our Constitution and in turn, the public trust by engaging not only the corruption of partnering with the corrupt, and anti-Republic interests of management, but also with those who have power behind it and are looking to have more power and control over society - relying on these for campaign contributions.

Business - Investor's Business Daily Thu May 1,10:15 AM ET
U.S. Financial Firms Bank On Shipping Much Office Work OverseasBy Doug Tsuruoka Tough times are driving U.S. financial services companies to have more office work done overseas. So says Andrea Bierce, a director at consultant A.T. Kearney Inc., a unit of Electronic Data SystemsCorp.

Bierce says banks, brokerages and insurance firms find it's cheaper to have back-office work like accounting and employee benefits done in nations like India and Brazil, where wages are lower than in the U.S.

Tech-savvy workers in such areas process, check, calculate and enter data. They send the data back to the U.S. home office via the Net.

Some firms also are shifting call centers to countries with English-speaking populations, like Canada, Ireland and India.

Sometimes U.S. financial firms open their own offices abroad. Other times, they farm out the work to an outside vendor, an approach called offshore business processing outsourcing.

"Financial companies say they're saving up to 50% on their data processing costs by going offshore," Bierce said.

Also pushing the trend is the availability of faster Internet connections and lower telecom costs in these countries the last few years. Bierce recently spoke with IBD about the trend.

IBD: Are lower costs the only reason U.S. financial firms are shifting office work overseas?

Bierce: No. A recent survey by A.T. Kearney showed 93% of respondents said it was to reduce costs. But 64% said it was to increase productivity. And 42% said it was to enhance service quality.

IBD: How big a role has the Internet played in getting U.S. financial firms to use offshore business processing?

Bierce: Increased Internet load capacity and other improvements in digital technology have made all the difference.

IBD: What types of work are being farmed out to offshore firms?

Bierce: Until recently, many offshore relocations were limited to data entry and transaction processing. But more players are moving a wider range of functions overseas. They include call centers, human resources, benefits management, finance and accounting, operations support and customer service.

IBD: Can you give some examples?

Bierce: Sure. General Electric has 5,000 workers in five locations in India. They started basing some of their back-office work in India in 1997. They plan to have 20,000 people working in the country by the end of 2003.

(Insurance company) AIG has offshore activities in the Philippines, Ireland and China.

IBD: What other U.S. financial services are part of this trend?
Bierce: American Express and Citibank are doing finance and accounting. J.P. Morgan Chase and HSBC are doing operations support and analytics overseas.

IBD: How much money are they saving?

Bierce: GE says for every dollar they spend, they save a dollar.

IBD: Aren't labor costs rising in countries like India? Won't this drive up costs for offshore business processing?

Bierce: A recent A.T. Kearney study shows labor costs to run a call center in India have increased 11.5% in the last three years. Total compensation for a software project manager has increased by 8.7% in the same period. However, when you offset that with reduced telecom costs and the fact that salaries for Indian labor are still so low, moving offshore is still an outstanding opportunity.

IBD: How far have telecom costs declined in some countries?

Bierce: Our research shows telecom costs have decreased by 30% in India the last three years. This is because of supply and competition in telecom services, market liberalization and privatization efforts.

IBD: Are U.S. financial firms worried their intellectual property and data security could be compromised by relocating some functions to nations like China?

Bierce: The privacy and intellectual property issues are two of the biggest deterrents for companies looking at China. But there are ways to offset the risk.
We know of a (foreign) insurer that does some of its offshore processing in China. This insurer offers policies to U.S. companies coming into China that protect them against infringement of intellectual property and breach of customer privacy. These policies help others mitigate the risks.

IBD: Has the war with Iraq (news - web sites) and 9-11 caused some companies to think twice about shifting office work overseas?

Bierce: The war in Iraq has slowed some of this activity. So has the outbreak of
SARS (news - web sites) (the severe acute respiratory syndrome virus) in Asia. But offshoring isn't a short-term strategy. It's a long-term strategy to fit a company's global business model and business strategy.

IBD: Can technology make it safer for a company to move some office functions overseas?

Bierce: Yes. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning is a big help

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